October 15, 2008

RCDS 2008 Oman Visit

July 26, 2008

Do visit the new RCDS Library in Oman

January 25, 2008

More fun in the sun

Keep the blog alive with news and pictures.

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December 24, 2007

Note from Ayache

Dear friends.

I think that year 2007 was not interesting and exciting as 2006 "

except when I met RCDS 2007 members during their visit to Algeria last October. Anyway, for the new year 2008, i wish you all success, good health and lot of fun for you and your falillies.

- Merry charismas and happy new year

- Joyeux noel et bonne annee

- Aid mabrouk oua koullou sanna oua antoum bikheir.


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October 15, 2007

New Record By Peas & Carrots

This is the official Result from the Songline Classic(Listed) held at Taby
Racecourse, Stockholm this afternoon :

1: Peas And Carrots 2.05.4
2: Maybach 2.05.6
3: Crimson And Gold 2.06.8
4: Highway 2.07.8
5: The Pirate 2.09.2
6: Essex 2.09.8
7: Moltas 2.10.7
8: Pecoiquen 2.10.9
9: Carlos Paz 2.24.9 (held up).

The Course Record on 2.000 m. dirt-track has been standing since
July 08,1980, and has been held for more than 27 years by "Pawoo", at 2.12.8.
Peas And Carrots shaved off a stunning 7.4 sek on this Record today !
7.4 sek is equal to 37 lengths (0.2 sek=1 Length), or approx.110 metres !
I guess this new Record will stand for many years to come !

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August 08, 2007



August 05, 2007

Steels and O'Briens in Turkey

July 11, 2007

Members reunite in Turkey

Bob and Donna Riehl recently had a visit from the Steels and O'Briens in their new home in Ankara, Turkey. Apparently Margarita's have the same effect in Turkey as they do in Central London. Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we enjoyed getting together. Regards from Turkey, Bob Riehl/ 117

RCDS members reunited in Turkey

The Riehl's recently had the pleasure of a visit by Tom and Cathrine O'Brien and Chris and Lauren Steel to their home in Ankara, Turkey. As you can see from the pictures, Margarita's seem to have the same effect on people in Turkey as they did in Central London. We had a great time in Ankara and our overnight trip to Capadocia. Hope that you enjoy the pictures. Bob Riehl / 117

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