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Africa 2006

Hi, folks, greetings to you and your fellow tour group members from the Africa crowd! (Addressee list chosen solely on hunch of who might be looking at the computer...) We have been watching for all of you on Skype on those spotty occasions when we have had Internet access and only occasionally found a small number of you. We also tried to send camera photos to Khristo (belated happy birthday!) and Nicola, but heard nothing back so we don't know if we got through. Please write in and say hi, and check for us (africa2006, or africatour1) on Skype...

We are doing well. Had a good week touring all over Namibia, an interesting time in Pretoria, and have just landed in Capetown. Eduardo, who was delayed, just arrived today, but he seems hale and hearty and ready to roll. Our biggest surprise to date: sadly, it is impossible for an RCDS student to lose weight in Africa! The things we do for diplomacy...

Still working on fathoming the photo software, so unable to attach photos as yet. We have all been diligent picture snappers, albeit none more so than our trusty group photographer, Tim D., of course... Be assured we have many, and, the computer gods willing, you should anticipate seeing some of them sooner rather than later. We are confident we will win the best animal wildlife photo contest, though we will be interested in seeinng what other people think qualifies!

Best regards--The Keeper of the Computer (SD)

Posted by "54" <054@rcds2006.com> on 10/10/2006 23:22:27 through email.

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