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South America team

South America team - all still alive but IT access limited - we have just arrived in Chile at 1 am in the morning - many stories to tell - bet we have better wildlife pictures too - Brazil eh!

Quick update :

MG - keeping us all on our toes and at strategic level Jeremey - driving us nuts with unlimited enthusiasm Kevin - mmmm grumpy but country lead here so could get better Lindsey - chipper little fella and keeps us all going Jasan - a star still observing Ramadan even at 12000 ft - incredible Naweed - shopping all the time we think he is female - still at least Peru GDP up!

Vlad - still as cool and relaxed as ever Hristo - v good birthday - augmented by getting best room in hotel with Sauna!

Abdullah - coming close 2nd to Naweed on shopping front Ateel - big hospital scare but recovers to go white water rafting with Jeremey!!!!!

Charles - heavy cold early on but I sense he has his Samba shoes on for Chile!

As for me - well I've been going to bed early every night and writing up my report!

Cheers to all.


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