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Hello! This was what I was going to send to the RCDS 2006 members website - but I didn't seem to be able to post properly. What was the email you suggested using? I'm not sure if the attached cover photos will take up too much space - so any of those could be removed. Let me know the email for the website if you want me to resend it directly! Thank you for your encouragement and assistance!Paul Assistant Librarian



I have been asked to mention that as well as being your Assistant Librarian, I am also a bit of a writer and a poet.

I've been publishing my books via a website in the States www.lulu.com, which you may have heard a bit about in the newspapers over here of late. It seems to be getting a lot of good press as an alternative to more traditional publishers.

So far I have written about 5 or 6 books books of poetry; amongst them JUNK/FOOD-ROLLERCOASTER, THIRD & 4TH TIME LUCKY, AUTUMNAL LOVESONGS and my most recent collection POEMS TO MAKE BEAR'S GROWL. They are a mixture of funny and more darker poems - but hopefully there's something for everyone. I also take all the cover photos for the books and there also photos included in the books themselves.

As well as the poems I have also been writing novels. The books; AN ONGOING SAGA, MYSTIC BISCUITS and TALES OF A SHY YETI are all rather quirky adventures set in London (and in the case of Mystic Biscuits - set around Belgravia/Kensington area of London.)

My most recent novels are about Gladstone McWhiskers - The Mouse of Commons and Lords and they are more in the "Harry Potter" vein, in that they should hopefully appeal to both adults and older children.

So far the three books in this series are: MOUSE OF COMMONS - MOUSE OF LORDS (2000), MOUSE IN A BOTTLE (2006) and the recently published A MOUSE IN BEAR'S CLOTHING (2006) There are also a couple of others at the proofreading stage which will be published in the new year.

Links to my books on www.lulu.com can be found by typing "Paul Chandler" into the site search engine and the full list of books should be revealed! (There are copies in both hardback and paperback)

I also have samples of my work on the following blogsites www.mouseofcommons.blogspot.com and www.thedaffypoet.blogspot.com

I hope you'll enjoy taking a look at the sites! I would say that it'll prove that there's more to the Assistant Librarian than books - but that wouldn't be quite accurate! :-)


Paul Chandler
Assistant Librarian
Royal College of Defence Studies

Posted by "054" <054@rcds2006.com> on 14/11/2006 16:56:00 through email.

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