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Rubaiyat for RCDS 2006

A little diversion to see you all on your way...

Rubaiyat for RCDS 2006

Lo, how scholars from Seaford House take flight
No longer SDS debates to fight
See how they flee from Belgrave Square
Each determined now the world to right.

How come they now this precious skill to own,
Such gold in tiny brain-box's sown?
Can it be such transformation fair,
Or fever, fleeting and unknown?

Long suffering did Professors Jack and John,
Attempt to teach the hegemon,
And has this class, with verve not care,
Seen a full year come, and gone.

What then can they show,
To mark this year's ebb and flow.
A mountain of discarded papers read,
Or just a land-fill site of Veuve-Cliquot?

Shall this lecture hall recall
A parade of speakers short and tall
Questions asked in accents mixed,
Insightful probes from lawyers small?

Nay, this year's accomplishments do stoop
To include a certain "study group":
Led by Sir Christopher "No-Hair"
And Lady Jennifer "The Scoop"

And varied other persons fine
From policemen (plaid), and naval (nine),
To Kazak cops and diplomats,
Pursued throughout by accents "Strine"

Is it possible the scope of courses,
Covering the breadth of global forces,
Made impression on our gang,
Or just a fleeting break from horses?

Each day they pursued their wish
To make the world better -ish,
While struggling to remember luncheon
Without reminder from Dear Trish

In desperate straits they made the dashes
From charcoal coffee to Sudhexo hashes,
Stopping not to read the news
In their haste to brag … the Ashes!

Vainly sought the staff this trip
T’engage their thoughts on leadership,
While lurking though each debate,
… Fervent craving for a sip!

Thus did studies deep and systemic
Informed by persons academic
Result in dissertations varied,
Strongly argued, and polemic!

And while they frequent smoky joints,
Good Seaford House still anoints
Our heroes with a precious gift:
The certain logic of “Three Points”

Yet a final gift that makes amends
For missing lessons on Means and Ends,
The certain gift, more rare by far:
A greatly widened span of friends.

So, allow me one last point to flog:
Permit not your box to clog,
Nor trust your mail to tardy camel,
But stay in touch… by members’ Blog!!

Bon voyage RCDS 2006, from Nigel & Deb

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