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Wayne & Co.

2007 :) what a start.

Posted by "54" <054@rcds2006.com> on 14/01/2007 21:11:43 through email.


Well folks - Waleed has set the pace - whose next to visit paradise? Great people to welcome you!!

Jim - I think I know what your password may have been but couldn't possibly transmit on open net!

Hey fellow 2006 members. Just looking at the Blog during a little break in some of my training enroute to Turkey. All is well with Donna and I and hope that all is well with you too. FYI, I will arrive US Embassy Ankara on 08 Feb 2007 and we will have lots of room for visitors once we get situated. Stay in touch and stay safe. regards, Bob

Wayne, Hi.

I cant remember what to use as my password, can you help


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